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Sexual Resource List – Updated!

GENERAL The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction ( No list would be complete without this classic. Founded by pioneer sexologist Alfred Kinsey, the Kinsey Institute supports interdiscipinary research in the study of human sexuality. Kinsey Confidential™ ( a sexuality information service designed by The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, …

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Sexual Communication Tips

Sex is one of the most difficult topics for couples to discuss. Yet, good sexual communication will not only enhance your love life, it will enhance your relationship! Having trouble talking about sex? You aren’t alone. Common Obstacles: The belief that talking about sex is vulgar. The fix: Vulgarity is in the eye of the …

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Recommended Sexual Information Websites

GENERAL • The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction ( No list would be complete without this classic. Founded by pioneer sexologist Alfred Kinsey, the Kinsey Institute supports interdiscipinary research in the study of human sexuality. • Dr. Ruth ( this site is sponsored by one of the most widely-known sexual experts, …

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Women: 15 Ways To Turn Yourself On

1)     Stay in the moment. Women’s sexuality is much more influenced by stress and over-work as compared to men’s. Many times we are filling out our to-do lists in our head while we are lying in bed or becoming romantic with our partner. It’s impossible to be fully in the moment when you’re going over …

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ED and the MD

Last night I was on the radio with a certain MD that specializes in men’s sexual health. In this post, he will be referred to as “Dr. X.” As is typical of me, I speak my mind even when it goes against what another professional may be saying. And, I tend to become more passionate …

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Ladies: Feed Your Sexy!

Eating healthy food can do so much for your health, including your sex life! Ladies, remember, the healthier you are, the better you will feel, including energy for a GREAT sex life! In another great post from my friend and colleague, Joy Rupe, Certified Diet Manager, we will learn about all the veggies and other …

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Ladies: How Chicken Can Hurt Your Sex Life

If you’ve looked at my website and have ever been a client of mine, you know how I feel about the connection between physical and mental health. The mind is connected to the body, and what is bad for the body is generally bad for the mind. When someone comes to me for help with …

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Erectile Dysfunction: What Everyone (Male or Female) Needs To Know

Erectile Dysfunction…it’s that sensitive subject that nobody really wants to discuss. It’s the elephant in the room. You know it’s there, but it makes you really uncomfortable and you figure if you ignore it, it will go away. Well, that’s why I’m here. I specialize in discussing topics nobody wants to talk about. My reward …

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Meditation Myths

There is a lot of research showing the benefits of meditation. I generally recommend that my clients meditate as a great adjust to therapy to help them relax and focus. Meditation techniques can also be useful in addressing inorgasmia, because these techniques help you to focus your mind on your genitals and not your to-do …

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My Favorite Sexual Myths

I realized yesterday as I was working with a couple that I repeat the same sexual myth-busting information over and over again. So then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I blogged about it so everyone could have it? So…here it is, in no particular order: Myth 1: Women Can Orgasm Via Intercourse Alone …

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50 Shades of Grey or Shifty Plays of Lay?

I just finished reading the trilogy “50 Shades of Grey.” And I’ve got issues. Not about the dominant/submissive sexual practices. Nope. I’ve got issues about how they have portrayed “vanilla sex.” There are several problems with how regular sex is portrayed in the novels, the results of which I fear will make women and men …

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Psychotherapy Myths

Psychotherapy myths abound. People think they have to be “crazy”, that it takes a really long time and is really expensive, and that there is a stigma attached to receiving counseling. But, in reality, there are more benefits and positives to receiving therapy than negatives: Psychotherapy Myths

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Making Room For Your Va Va Voom

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wrote this article (page 18) for Tampa Woman magazine on how to spice up your love life.  Some of the suggestions may surprise you. Enjoy!

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A Sex Therapist Visits The Todd Superstore

Today I took a little field trip.  As a clinically trained sexologist, this little trip should have been no problem.  Yet, I felt compelled to enlist the assistance of my supervisor, who graciously walked me through the process.  As I nervously pulled into the parking lot, I noted that I was 10 minutes early.  No …

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Female Sexual Pain and CBT

Female Sexual Pain is a prevalent, yet commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed group of disorders.  Let’s begin with some definitions.  Sexual pain disorders are defined in the DSM-IV TR as either dyspareunia or vaginismus.  Dyspareunia is pain associated with intercourse that is troublesome to the individual and not caused exclusively by medical conditions.  Vaginismus is an …

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Sex Therapy

You may wonder what exactly sex therapy is and whether or not it’s for you. Issues or questions about sex or intimacy are very common and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  According to the Mayo Clinic, about 1/3 of all adults have a question or concern about their sexuality. Sexual therapy (or sexual …

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