Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy


Q: What are the benefits of counseling?
A: Counseling provides a safe environment in which people can discuss their difficulties and problems with a non-judgemental educated listener. During the counseling process, new insights and perspectives are gained, leading to positive change.

Q: Isn’t counseling just like a friend listening to you?
In some ways, yes, because counselors are trained listeners. However, unlike a friend they do not have an “agenda” and will tell you the truth, even though you may not want to hear it.

Q: Will I have to tell you the private details of my life?
A: I  will never ask you to reveal things you are uncomfortable sharing, although the more you tell me, the more helpful I can be.

Q: What is the difference between individual and couples counseling?
A: It’s all about where the origin of the problem is perceived to be.  Individual counseling addresses concerns at the individual level. Although other family members (such as the spouse or significant other) can be brought in, the focus is on the individual and how they are coping with their lives. In couples counseling, issues are addressed with the couple to explore how each can contribute to the solution.

Q: Can I get individual and couples counseling at the same time?
A: Yes. Individual sessions are often required with one or both partners in order to effectively address the couple’s issues. It is my opinion that generally it is better for one counselor to do both. However, because in couples counseling I must remain impartial, there are certain guidelines which I will explain during the counseling process.

Q: How long will counseling take?  
A: It varies with the individual and depends on the goals; usually anywhere from 4 – 12 sessions. Together, we will discuss your progress during the course of therapy to make sure it is meeting your needs.

Q: Will my visit be confidential?
A: Yes, with a few exceptions due to Florida law which I will explain to you.

Q: How can I verify a counselor’s credentials?  
A: Please visit Florida’s Department of Health website.  You can also visit the American Board of Sexology for a provider listing.

Q: What if my question isn’t listed here?  
A: Please call me (Barb LoFrisco, a.k.a. “CounselorBarb”) at (813) 404-9215. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my qualifications or the process of counseling. However, please understand that for your protection discussions about your specific issue will be reserved for the therapy appointment.

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