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Meditation Myths

There is a lot of research showing the benefits of meditation. I generally recommend that my clients meditate anxiety counseling, stress reductionas a great adjust to therapy to help them relax and focus. Meditation techniques can also be useful in addressing inorgasmia, because these techniques help you to focus your mind on your genitals and not your to-do list. Now that I’ve got your attention…

I think people generally realize meditation can be beneficial. However, I think most people don’t attempt it because they think it’s too difficult, or too strange. Really, it’s neither. I’ve explained meditation myths so often to my clients that at this point I think I should just write about it so everyone can get the same information. Don’t let these common meditation myths stop you from doing it!

Meditation Myths

    1. You can’t think about nothing. So, rather than try to think about nothing, which is impossible, try focusing on something when you meditate. It could be a visual, like a candle flame, or it could be your breath. Don’t try to think about nothing. It won’t work.
    2. Start small. Don’t sit down and try to meditate for 20 minutes. Start with a minute or two, and work your way up.
    3. It’s called “meditation practice for a good reason. You won’t do it perfectly. You mind will wander to other things, you will become distracted. This is all perfectly fine, and to be expected. The important thing is that you continually return your mind to your meditation. Don’t give up, and don’t try to be perfect.


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