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Couples Counseling

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Lost your intimacy?

Having communication issues?

Feeling like roommates?

There are two types of intimacy in relationships: physical and emotional. Problems in one area can lead to problems in the other. However, the good news is that improvement in one area is likely to lead to improvement in the other. As both a licensed marriage therapist and sex therapist, I am able to address both types of problems, leading to greater success in restoring intimacy.

The major causes of emotional intimacy problems stem from poor communication and conflict resolution. All couples disagree. When handled properly, disagreements can result in increased closeness. I can help you recognize and fix destructive communication patterns by providing objective and non-judgmental feedback and tools you can practice at home.

The major causes of physical intimacy are usually a result of a lack of emotional intimacy, sexual dysfunctions, poor sexual communication, lack of sexual knowledge or all of the above. As a certified sex therapist, I can also provide suggestions, education and activities to get your sex life back on track.

Types of Issues Addressed:

1. Communication: Research shows that communication is the number one issue in relationships. I have helped many couples improve their relationship simply by improving their communication skills via a set of tools and exercises that I have developed. Often small changes can have big results!

2. Sexual: Sexual issues are often overlooked by counselors but they can affect the quality of your relationship! As both a licensed marriage therapist and certified sex therapist, I look at your relationship holistically and merge the treatment of sexual and relationship issues appropriately. More specifically, I can address female sexual issues as well as couples sexual issues by providing information and suggestions. If the primary problem is a male sexual issue, I am happy to provide a referral.

3. Affairs/Trust: Another common issue for couples is recovering from an affair or a sexual addiction. When properly handled the recovery process can actually improve your relationship!  I can help you negotiate this delicate situation, and introduce behaviors that are likely to increase trust and intimacy.

Not Sure If You Need Counseling?

Not sure if you need couples counseling? Take this assessment: Ten Things- An Assessment For Couples.

Although the first session consists mainly of assessment, I do add interventions whenever possible right from the beginning. I also like to meet with each partner individually, as I have found that this speeds up the counseling process overall. The number of sessions varies with the couple and depends on their goals; usually anywhere from 4 – 12 sessions. Together, we will discuss your progress during the course of therapy to make sure it is meeting your needs.

Think It’s Too Expensive?

Think it’s too expensive? As Dear Abby says, counseling is expensive but is much cheaper than divorce. (A non-complex mediated divorce can cost between $3,000 and $5,000, whereas the average amount spent on couples therapy is approximately $800). And, how can you put a price on your happiness and well-being? Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your relationship! What is holding you back? Call me and let’s talk about it.

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