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10 Steps to Good Self Care


1. Have a balanced diet; avoid tobacco and processed foods; avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption.
– Maintain your weight at a level that is healthy and feels good to you.
2. Exercise 3 – 5 times per week, both aerobically and with weights.
3. Get adequate sleep and rest. The amount differs per person. If you are sleepy during the day it is likely you need more rest.


4. Daily: meditate, or set aside time for daily contemplation to get in touch with what you really want from life, or journal about your feelings and experiences, or all three.
5. Engage in some type of relaxation activity (i.e. yoga, Tai Chi, stretching.)
6. Engage in some type of creative activity (i.e. art, writing, music) outside of work.


7. Laugh or play every day.
8. Give and receive emotional support from family and/or friends.
– If necessary, work on strengthening your emotional support system by engaging in activities where you can meet people.
9. Set goals for yourself that are healthy and attainable, then treat yourself to constructive and meaningful rewards.
10. Be as kind and understanding to yourself as you are to others.

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