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How To Stop Arguing About Chores!

Several studies suggest that women take on the majority of the workload in the home, even when both partners are working full-time. This is due to several factors: Women think they can “do it all” Women are often more particular than men about cleanliness Women think men are going to screw it up Women feel …

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How To Handle The Office Bully

Corporations have come a long way in developing policies for dealing with sexual harassment. But what about office bullies? Isn’t that also a form of harassment? Similarly to sexual harassment, office bullying can create a hostile work environment that not only makes it difficult for people to function, but also has a detrimental effect on …

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Violence In Our World: How To Safeguard Your Mental Health

It seems as though our world is getting more and more violent. Perhaps due to the recent tragedy in the Colorado movie theatre, or maybe it’s because our local newspaper keeps reporting on our new “stand your ground law”…at any rate, how do we process all of this violence? It’s really easy to lose track …

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Meditation Myths

There is a lot of research showing the benefits of meditation. I generally recommend that my clients meditate as a great adjust to therapy to help them relax and focus. Meditation techniques can also be useful in addressing inorgasmia, because these techniques help you to focus your mind on your genitals and not your to-do …

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Why Being Perfect Isn’t Great

We think of the word “perfect”, and we think of the optimum, the ultimate, the absolute best. So, it follows that when we think of “perfectionists” we think of high achievers, high performers…you know, successful people. Nobody thinks of perfectionism as negative. But it is. Perfectionists exhibit many self-defeating behaviors. They think that unless they …

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Experience: The New Way to Happiness

Sunday’s St. Petersburg Times contained a very interesting article titled “Living, not buying, is what matters.”  Did you read it?  If not, or even if you did, here is my take. The article profiled a couple who lived for their stuff.  They were in jobs they hated so they could make payments on the debt …

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Genetic link to bullying harm

According to the June 19, 2010 issue of Science News, there may be a genetic link to the level of emotional damage done by bullying.  Researchers at Duke University, North Carolina, found that kids with a short version of the 5-HTT gene were more likely to be emotionally upset by bullying, often severe enough to …

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How Daily Hassles Can Affect Your Health

Multiple stress researchers have discovered that it is the small problems in our daily life that have a large effect on our psychological and physical well-being.  Although major life changes such as death, divorce or job loss can certainly have a large impact,  researchers have discovered that it is the sum total of life’s “daily …

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