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Can Spending Money Really Make You Happy?

Can spending money really make you happy? Ask any woman, and of course…well, you know the answer. Shoes, lipstick, a new outfit. It’s in our DNA. Ask any man, and…well, you know. He’ll reflexively check his wallet.couples counseling, marriage enrichment, marriage counseling

But can buying things really make us happy? Well…sort of. If we are purchasing an experience rather than a material item.

It turns out, what really makes us happy is buying experiences! Dinner instead of shoes! A show instead of lipstick! A hiking vacation instead of a new outfit! OK, ladies- one, two, three…”Say WHAT?!”

According to a study by Ryan Howell at the San Francisco State University, people who purchase experiences instead of things have greater life satisfaction and well-being. Particulary extraverts. But everyone needs a balance, including introverts. Most people think it’s things that will make them happy, but really, they need both.  Things AND experiences.

The upshot? Experiencing new things together will help increase your intimacy with your partner. According to John Gottman, relationship expert and researcher, experiencing new activities together will enrich your marriage. And who doesn’t want that?

P.S. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to see a counselor.

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