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Men: Read This Before You Lose Your Woman Forever


OK…sorry, I had to scare you to get your attention. Yes, I am talking to you. The one who withdraws and tunes out whenever your partner starts complaining about the relationship, or God forbid, “wants to talk.” Do that enough times and eventually your woman will stop asking for counseling and start consulting divorce lawyers. …

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Character Trait Or Conflict Avoidant?

You’re partner is running late again. Despite all of your best efforts to get him or her out of the door, once again you will be late for dinner at your Mom’s house. It’s funny how your partner is on time for other things, such as meeting up with friends… Do you have a partner whose behavior …

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Cyber Affairs: Yes! It’s Cheating

Facebook is a wonderful thing. With 845 million active monthly users, it’s also a very popular thing. But danger lurks behind the fun logo. Many of us are one “friend request” away from an online affair. Yes, it seems quite innocent at first. Oh look! There’s an old friend from high school! I think I’ll …

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How To Suffocate Your Partner

I need space! Who here has never heard that and panicked? We immediately think it means that the person doesn’t want us anymore. But we couldn’t be more wrong. People have differing needs for space. Some people love being with their partners all of the time. Others are quite happy being apart for long stretches. …

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How To Nag Successfully

According to a recent study from the University of Southern California, men shut down emotionally when arguing with their significant other. Any wife or long-term girlfriend will tell you they didn’t need a study to tell them this. But, what is newly discovered is that when men are under stress, the regions of the brain …

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Can Spending Money Really Make You Happy?

Can spending money really make you happy? Ask any woman, and of course…well, you know the answer. Shoes, lipstick, a new outfit. It’s in our DNA. Ask any man, and…well, you know. He’ll reflexively check his wallet. But can buying things really make us happy? Well…sort of. If we are purchasing an experience rather than a material …

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