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Mental Health Disorders More Widespread Than Estimated

According to the October 2009, issue of ScienceNews, almost 60% of our population experiences either anxiety, depression or substance abuse by the age of 32.  This was a result of a study done by psychologists Terrie Moffit and Avshalom Caspi of Duke University.

According to this study, anxiety is the most prevalent, at approx 33%, then depression, at approx 18%.  Substance abuse was the least likely, at approx 5% for alcohol and 2.5% for cannabis (marijuana).

Fortunately, both anxiety and depression are among the disorders that re most easily treated.


  1. The age is the only thing that surprised me a bit, life is not as easy as we all once thought when we were little kids running carefree through our mom’s sprinkler on the green grass of summer. I am happy to hear substance abuse it low, but how would that number change if young middle school children we asked if the huff? I shutter at the thought of the new number.

    • counselorbarb

      I found the numbers surprising as well, both the young age and the prevalence.

      Not sure what you mean by “in the huff”?

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