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Are You Afraid Of Success?

Sounds like a crazy question, right?  I mean, everyone wants to be successful, right?  Yet, you might be your own biggest obstacle. We may say that we want to be as successful as possible, but is this really true? Do we really believe we are deserving of success? I mean, so many other people have …

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Genetic link to bullying harm

According to the June 19, 2010 issue of Science News, there may be a genetic link to the level of emotional damage done by bullying.  Researchers at Duke University, North Carolina, found that kids with a short version of the 5-HTT gene were more likely to be emotionally upset by bullying, often severe enough to …

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Mental Health Disorders More Widespread Than Estimated

According to the October 2009, issue of ScienceNews, almost 60% of our population experiences either anxiety, depression or substance abuse by the age of 32.  This was a result of a study done by psychologists Terrie Moffit and Avshalom Caspi of Duke University. According to this study, anxiety is the most prevalent, at approx 33%, …

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