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14 Essential Steps To Building Self Esteem

So many times in my office I hear about low self-esteem.  When I was reading one of Tara Richter’s books, 10 Rules To Survive The Internet Dating Jungle, I ran across a very interesting list of creative ways to increase self-esteem.  After looking up the original source online, I then added my own thoughts to …

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How To Handle The Office Bully

Corporations have come a long way in developing policies for dealing with sexual harassment. But what about office bullies? Isn’t that also a form of harassment? Similarly to sexual harassment, office bullying can create a hostile work environment that not only makes it difficult for people to function, but also has a detrimental effect on …

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Violence In Our World: How To Safeguard Your Mental Health

It seems as though our world is getting more and more violent. Perhaps due to the recent tragedy in the Colorado movie theatre, or maybe it’s because our local newspaper keeps reporting on our new “stand your ground law”…at any rate, how do we process all of this violence? It’s really easy to lose track …

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How You May Be Sabotaging Your Mental Health

Congratulations! You have made the brave and potentially life-altering step of getting some counseling. Good for you. But did you know that some very simple things you are doing right now could be sabotaging your progress? When people come to see me, naturally the focus is on whatever relationship, sexual, or emotional issue they are …

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Depression- What You Need to Know Right Now

According to a recent study described in the ScienceDaily (January 2012), cognitive behavioral  and psychodynamic therapy helps those with a depressive personality just as effectively as those without. According to the article 44% of the population have depressive personality traits. This study is important because it suggests that those with a lower level of depression, but chronic, can …

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What Your Psychiatrist Doesn’t Want You to Know About Depression

According to a recent article in Psychotherapy Networker (January/February 2012) by Andrew Weil, there really isn’t any evidence that SSRIs are effective, and furthermore, doctors really don’t understand how they work.  Why is this?  The answer, as is true with many things in life, is “follow the money”.  Drug companies make huge profits everyday by prescribing these …

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Genetic link to bullying harm

According to the June 19, 2010 issue of Science News, there may be a genetic link to the level of emotional damage done by bullying.  Researchers at Duke University, North Carolina, found that kids with a short version of the 5-HTT gene were more likely to be emotionally upset by bullying, often severe enough to …

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Mental Health Disorders More Widespread Than Estimated

According to the October 2009, issue of ScienceNews, almost 60% of our population experiences either anxiety, depression or substance abuse by the age of 32.  This was a result of a study done by psychologists Terrie Moffit and Avshalom Caspi of Duke University. According to this study, anxiety is the most prevalent, at approx 33%, …

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Nutrition and Depression

Today’s Parade magazine contained an article titled “Can Diet Affect Depression?”.  It got me to thinking about other articles I had found linking depression to diet or other lifestyle factors. It’s fascinating to know that there are many ways to alleviate mild depression that do not involve either psychotherapy or drugs!  Of course, sometimes psychotherapy …

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