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How Daily Hassles Can Affect Your Health

Multiple stress researchers have discovered that it is the small problems in our daily life that have a large effect on our psychological and physical well-being.  Although major life changes such as death, divorce or job loss can certainly have a large impact,  researchers have discovered that it is the sum total of life’s “daily hassles” that takes a larger toll.

Stress is defined by any demand placed on us that exceeds our ability to cope, or to solve the problem.  Stress can have a huge negative effect on our emotional and physical health.  Too much stress can eventually make us sick!

So, how about taking a look at your daily life?  See what “daily hassles” you can eliminate.  Think about time management.  Maybe by simply re-arranging errands, or doing them on a different day, will mean much less hassle.  Be aware of what stresses you out- maybe even keep a journal about what “daily hassles” really bother you.  Awareness is the first step to problem solution.

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