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Ignorance of Long-Term Couples

According to the November 6, 2010 issue of Science News, researchers in Switzerland have discovered that the longer people are married to each other, the more ignorant they become of their partner’s likes and dislikes.  Two psychologists studied 38 young (19 – 32 years of age) and 20 older (62 – 78 years of age) …

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Men and Arguing: Fascinating New Information

According to a recent study from the University of Southern California, men shut down emotionally when arguing with their significant other.  Any wife or long-term girlfriend will tell you they didn’t need a study to tell them this.  Or, as one of my colleagues succinctly puts it: “That’s from the DUH journal of counseling.”  But, …

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Experience: The New Way to Happiness

Sunday’s St. Petersburg Times contained a very interesting article titled “Living, not buying, is what matters.”  Did you read it?  If not, or even if you did, here is my take. The article profiled a couple who lived for their stuff.  They were in jobs they hated so they could make payments on the debt …

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Mental Health Effects of Botox

Botox may do more for you than just erase wrinkles.  According to a recent study done by psychology graduate student David Havas of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, women injected with Botox took an average of one-quarter of a second longer to read a sentence describing an angry or sad situation than they had before the …

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Do we need couples counseling?

Wondering if you should get couples counseling?  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, and a sex therapist.  In my work with couples, I have noted common areas in which troubled couples tend to be deficient.  This list of ten questions that I have created will help you …

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Preparing for Couples Therapy

This is a handout I prepared for couples entering therapy.  Although it is oriented toward working with me, I think it provides concise and valuable information about the couples’ therapy process: Welcome.   By asking for help with your relationship you are making a statement about how important it is to you.  Because it is …

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Recession and Divorce

According to a 2010 survey conducted by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, the recession appears to have affected the divorce rate in some interesting ways. Thirty-eight percent of analysts report a decrease in the number of divorce cases they handle, with 25% reporting an increase. Common reasons for the increase: desire to reduce the …

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How to Fight Fair

How to Fight Fair Developed by CounselorBarb Tampa, FL 1.  Pick your battles.  Decide what is really important, and what isn’t.  This will take a bit of work but it will be worth it.  Examine your values — what can you “give” on and what is “completely unacceptable?”  Give in to your partner when appropriate, …

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