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Depression- What You Need to Know Right Now

According to a recent study described in the ScienceDaily (January 2012), cognitive behavioral  and psychodynamic therapy helps those with a depression counseling, depression therapy, cognitive behavioral therapydepressive personality just as effectively as those without. According to the article 44% of the population have depressive personality traits. This study is important because it suggests that those with a lower level of depression, but chronic, can benefit from talk therapy. It also adds to the evidence base showing that cognitive behavioral therapy is effective for depression.

For someone with depression, it may be much more difficult to seek help.  And not just because of the usual- shame, embarrassment, fear of talking to a stranger, etc. But because people with depression have difficulty mobilizing in ways people without cannot understand. Having depression is like walking around all day with a heavy wet blanket draped over your head and body. The world looks dark, and it is difficult to move. In fact, it’s simply easier to stay in one place and hide underneath the blanket. Unfortunately, that’s the last thing you should do. Yes, I’m talking to you.

What should you do? Call a mental health professional today and make an appointment. You’ll feel much better. And then keep the appointment. Do what the therapist suggests. And if you don’t like the therapist? Find another one. Keep searching until you find one you trust and are comfortable with. Studies show about 40% of therapeutic change is a result of the strength of the therapist and client relationship.  So call today!

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