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Men: Read This Before You Lose Your Woman Forever


OK…sorry, I had to scare you to get your attention. Yes, I am talking to you. The one who withdraws and tunes out whenever your partner starts complaining about the relationship, or God forbid, “wants to talk.” Do that enough times and eventually your woman will stop asking for counseling and start consulting divorce lawyers. …

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Keeping Secrets in Couples Therapy

Every couples therapist has to decide whether or not to incorporate individual sessions. Whereas there are many benefits to doing so, such as gathering information more quickly and thoroughly, special consideration must be given to confidentiality. Specifically, how should a couples therapist handle a secret? What if one partner tells the therapist something in confidence …

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The Stealth Killer Of Relationships: Emotional Affairs

Yes, having an emotional affair is cheating! Some may argue that emotional affairs aren’t as bad as physical affairs, but I think that depends on your perspective. What is an “emotional affair”, you ask? Well, the answer may surprise you. A emotional affair is anytime that you take intimacy out of your relationship by sharing …

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Can You Go to Couples Therapy Alone?

What if you’re having marriage problems and your husband doesn’t want to go to therapy?  Can you go to couples therapy alone?  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, yes you should! Couples therapy is very effective for relationship problems because both partners have the opportunity to understand the dysfunctional patterns and dynamics of …

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