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Violence In Our World: How To Safeguard Your Mental Health

It seems as though our world is getting more and more violent. Perhaps due to the recent tragedy in the Colorado movie theatre, or maybe it’s because our local newspaper keeps reporting on our new “stand your ground law”…at any rate, how do we process all of this violence? It’s really easy to lose track …

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How You May Be Your Own Worst Enemy By Saying “Yes”

The secret of success is saying “yes.” How many times have you heard that?  “Yes” is positive. “No” is negative. When we think of successful people, we think of people who say “yes.” Go-getters. Ambitious. Action oriented. Busy. But, busy with what is the question here. Running around like crazy doing things that don’t directly contribute …

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How You May Be Sabotaging Your Mental Health

Congratulations! You have made the brave and potentially life-altering step of getting some counseling. Good for you. But did you know that some very simple things you are doing right now could be sabotaging your progress? When people come to see me, naturally the focus is on whatever relationship, sexual, or emotional issue they are …

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What Your Psychiatrist Doesn’t Want You to Know About Depression

According to a recent article in Psychotherapy Networker (January/February 2012) by Andrew Weil, there really isn’t any evidence that SSRIs are effective, and furthermore, doctors really don’t understand how they work.  Why is this?  The answer, as is true with many things in life, is “follow the money”.  Drug companies make huge profits everyday by prescribing these …

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