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Chart Your Own Course

Recently I attended a lunch where Pam Iorio, former mayor of my home city, Tampa, spoke. She said something absolutely brilliant that she should patent: “Chart your own course.” Only I hope she hasn’t yet because I want to use it in this post.

So you need to know where you are going. What are your biggest goals? Are your current day-to-day activities meeting these goals?

Only you hold the steering wheel of your life. Others may try to direct you. If you don’t chart your own course, others will. Do you really want other people determining the direction of your life?

As Ms. Iorio states, she had five strategic goals during her tenure, and said “no” to any activity that didn’t support these five goals. How do I remember that she had five? She repeated it at least four times in her speech. This woman knows her course.

I reflect upon this as I sit here this morning trying to figure out what to do first. Just this morning alone, I had two places I needed to be at the same time. I had to ask myself, which activity most directly supports my goals? And, I had to let one of them go. Unfortunately it was the “fun” one. Then, immediately after that, I received two invitations for two things that sound great, but don’t directly contribute to my goals. Yep, “no” to both of those as well.

I then started thinking about all of the times I say “no.” It’s frequent. I usually feel somewhat guilty…but I cannot be in two places at the same time, and I cannot say yes to every invitation that comes along or I won’t make progress toward what is important to ME. I also need down time. Yes, down time contributes to my long-term goals because it allows me to recharge and go on to accomplish more.

So, what are your goals? Are you charting your own course, or allowing others to lead you? Do you spend your time reacting to other people’s demands, or making your own?

Now, back to that dissertation I’ve been postponing…

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  1. Terry Saux

    Great food for thought.

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