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Therapy more cost-effective than money for happiness

Think you can’t afford psychotherapy?

A recent study done by the University of Warwick and the University of Manchester ( shows that 4 months of psychotherapy is as effective at increasing happiness as a pay raise of 25,000 pounds ($37,500 in U.S. dollars with today’s exchange rate).  These researchers studied thousands of subjects, comparing their happiness levels before and after 4 months of psychotherapy.  What they found was that it would take 32 times an 800 pound ($1200 U.S. dollars) cost of therapy to achieve the same happiness levels.

This study has huge implications to our understanding of happiness, and also the cost/benefits of psychotherapy.  The results from this study point to the fact that money does not make us happier, that happiness is originated from within ourselves.  Therapy can address internal factors that inhibit happiness.  Furthermore, although therapy is expensive, it is a much more effective investment in your well-being than obtaining (or holding onto) your money.

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