Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy


“I so appreciate everything you’ve done for me.” – Female: individual therapy, August 2018

“Thank you Barb, I am more than so very satisfied with everything you continue to do for my wife and I.   Couples counseling has been excellent. Without Barb’s guidance and counseling I am certain our marriage would not have survived.  We are not where we want to be yet, but thanks to Barb’s counseling and insight I am hopeful that our marriage can survive the turmoil and we will have a stronger marriage because of it.  If not Barb has prepared us to go forward regardless of our marriage’s outcome.” – Male: couples therapy, December 2016

“Barb’s ability to uncover the heart of the matter is uncanny.  Her skilled approach helped me unravel what I needed be learn about myself, and offered guidance to clearly see the changes I wanted and needed to make.  Thank you, Barb.” – Female: individual therapy, October 2016

“We couldn’t be more pleased. With effort, and your help and insight, we’ve really come a long way. We are beyond impressed.” – Female: couples therapy, August 2016

“You’ve been the best therapist for me. I’ve been to other therapists but they lack the competence that you have.” – Female: individual therapy, October 2015

“Our relationship has taken a 180. We are a night and day difference from when we came in here.”- Wife: sex and couples therapy, May 2015

“It was good to have someone with another perspective. I’m glad I came in instead of working on this on my own.” – Male client: sex therapy, April 2015

“I want to tell people about you but how do you bring it up over coffee or at a cocktail party?” – Wife; “If you could help us you could help anyone” – Husband: sex therapy, September 2014

“Bottom line, Barb is awesome and I truly feel that she is going to help get me and my wife’s marriage back on track emotionally and physically” – Husband; “I’ve seen numerous therapists in my life and you are head and shoulders above the rest. So lucky to have found you! Thank you!” – Wife: couples counseling, April 2014

“It’s been a big weight off my shoulders so thank you” – Male client: individual therapy, February 2014

“I really feel this has been productive” – Male client: sex therapy, October 2013

“I was in a pretty bad place. I was extremely stressed and fairly unhappy…The facts and circumstances of my life have not changed one bit, but yet I am so much happier and more content with the life I have” – Male client: individual counseling, July 2013

“Coming here has been great. It’s been eye-opening. It helped us know where we were going wrong.” – Female client: couples counseling, May 2013

“I’ve had good therapists in the past, and I just want to tell you you are doing a great job. I’m getting a lot out of this. I’m seeing real changes and improvements.” – Male client: couples/sex therapy, April 2013

“We’ve tried to fix this with other therapists and were unable, so I was concerned that our marriage wasn’t going to work. But your skills and perspective were what we needed.” – Female client: couples counseling, November 2012

“You got to the point. You said what I needed to hear. You put me on the path to solve my problem. Other people need to realize it will be good. I was worried it would make things worse but it didn’t- it was healthy.”
– Female client: sex therapy, July 2012

“Although I believe I have quite a road ahead before I get to where I want to be emotionally, you have given me the most important tool for moving forward- the empowerment to do so & the belief that I will be successful. A dose of reality from an impartial view with the right amount of sensitivity & respect for my feelings. I couldnt have asked for a better experience or counselor.”
– Female client: individual counseling, March, 2012

“I have been “on the couch” on and off for the last thirty-one years, and you are without a doubt the best therapist I have had the privilege of working with…”
– Male client: individual and couples counseling, June 2011

“My “gut” told me you were the right counselor for me about five minutes into our initial session. You are phenomenal. You have a gift.”
– Male client: sex therapy, July 2011

“A good therapist has to provoke thought.  I think you are very good at that.  A lot of therapists won’t challenge you, but you do.”
– Male client: couples counseling, February 2011

“You changed my life.”
– Individual client: January 2011

“I’ve gotten further with you than anyone else I’ve seen; and I’ve seen 4-5 therapists.”
– Individual client: October 2010

“Barb was very unbiased and made us both feel comfortable.”
– Male and female clients: couples counseling, January 2010

“You’ve helped me so much- I didn’t know which way to go.”
– Individual client: January 2010

“It is more potent to have someone who does this for a living providing feedback.  It reconfirms what we knew was wrong- it instills confidence and the feedback is helpful.”
– Male client: couples counseling, August, 2009

“You’ve helped us more than any other therapist in just two sessions.  We’ve been married 34 years and have seen a number of different therapists.”
– Male and female clients: couples counseling, 2008

“You saved our marriage.”
– Male and female clients: couples counseling, 2008

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