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APA Finds Therapy Effective!

The American Psychological Association (APA) has recently found therapy to be effective, reducing health care costs and improving people’s long-term health. The APA reviewed 50 peer-reviewed studies on psychotherapy and issued a resolution.

Key findings include:

  1. Psychotherapy is effective for a variety of mental conditions
  2. Psychotherapy is effective for many different types of people (ie. young or old)
  3. The benefits of psychotherapy tend to last longer as compared to psychopharmaceutical drugs
  4. The benefits of psychotherapy tend to outweigh the benefits of  psychopharmaceutical drugs
  5. Psychotherapy, unlike psychopharmaceutical drugs, does not have any side effects
  6. Even when psychopharmaceutical intervention is required, a combination of psychotherapy and psychopharmaceuticals is more effective than psychopharmaceuticals alone

Unfortunately, the APA also found that psychotherapy, despite its many benefits, is underutilized. Perhaps this is due to the stigma of receiving mental health services, or the misconceptions that people have about it. Regardless, it is time to reconsider therapy as a necessary tool and resource for those suffering from emotional issues.


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