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Removing Emotional Clutter

Just in time for spring cleaning, here’s an article on how to de-clutter your emotional life, page 8.  Enjoy!



  1. Hi Barb,
    Excellent article… well done!
    I like your metaphor regarding a myth occasionally believed by some people in our society (“I don’t need anyone to help me with my issues…”). Many people can readily and comfortably get assistance from another person – a housekeeper, dentist, etc. – with our house and physical issues… why not our emotional issues? (Of course, fear of what one might actually find in their “closet” can be daunting and debilitating… that I understand.) To wit, the only thing I would suggest is that with all dues respect and appreciation for your timely “spring cleaning” analogy, I’d suggest “monthly” – viz., why wait ‘til spring to attend to emotional issues? (I know you agree…)
    Thanks again… I’ll be sharing your article with some of my pro bono “clients” – again, well done!

    • counselorbarb

      Yes, yes of course. Good point! I was just using springtime as inspiration- but of course we need to regularly maintain the changes we are making throughout the year, even if it means starting from scratch!

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